New trends on masks sheet in Korean Cosmetics

From cloth to gel-infused to peel-off, the sheet mask is one of South Korea’s most successful exports. The trend has changed the facial skin care market, with face masks now one of the most in demand products across price points.

But the trend does not end with facial care. Now that beauty fans are seeing the benefits of face masks on their skin, they are looking for similar products for the rest of their bodies.

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Just as the sheet mask brought the benefits of a facial into consumers’ bathrooms for a fraction of the price, body masks present a convenient option for time-pressed, money-conscious consumers too.

Starskin is one brand capitalizing on the trend. The brand has launched sheet masks aimed at treating lips, hands and feet as well as the face. Similarly, South Korea’s Holika Holika offers its Golden Monkey masks designed just for the lip area.

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Elsewhere, a spa brand  has recreated its famous detox mud wrap treatment in product form. Glorious Mud is applied at home and can be used with a disposable body suit for a less messy and even more effective treatment.

Meanwhile, a luxury brand, created a new Neck Mask that  provides anti-ageing benefits for this often forgotten area. So what is next for this trend?



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