Korean Beauty is at a hot increasing level as the popularity of K-Pop and K-Dramas grows worldwide. Most of Korean singers and actresses are known for their beautiful makeup looks, glowy skin and  so they become the best spokes models for many Korean cosmetic brands.


The following are some current K-Beauty trends that are sweeping the nation and the world.

Mask sheet

A long time friend trend is the mask sheet. The new ingredient in mask packs are the stem cells that are extremely beneficial for one’s skin.

stem cell 12

You should try it too!

Cushion Makeup

The first K-Beauty treapieu_mt_101_02_lightnd that went worldwide was BB and CC creams. While those products are still popular and widely used, something called cushion makeup has become a mass hit.  This trend started last year, but is growing rapidly, as you ca
n already find this version on some well known western brands.

Basically a liquid foundation is contained in a sponge which is encased in a compact. The product is popular because it is easy to use, has buildable coverage, and quite foolproof. It boasts multiple skin benefits including protection from sun damage, wrinkle prevention, evening out skin tone, and more.  The product includes a separate sponge/pad which is used to apply the product onto your face. You press the applicator sponge onto the foundation sponge and press or bounce the applicator sponge on your face. Also, don´t  worry about germs as the foundation includes antimicrobial agents.

This cushion bb cream from A’pieu can be your new “must have”.

Here are some helpful directions!mencushioninstructions

Gradient Lips

Gradient lips have been popular in Korea for years. However, there have been some recent innovative products that help you achieve the gradient lip look in one step. This product has two colors on one lipstick for an easy gradient lip. If you’re feeling daring, you can even use a different color for your top and bottom lips.

If two colors aren’t enough for you, you can have three!



71BbP6QrquL._SX522_Nature and ecological trends in Korea are sometimes reflected in K-Beauty products. While cosmetic products utilizing aloe vera has existed for a lengthy period, the popularity of snail extract has resulted in an increase too on the beauty products.


Check out some examples below:

Aloe Mist 98%

Aloe Gel Cream 98%

Snail BB Cream

Snail Eye Cream

Snail Repairing Gel Cream

Mizon Recovery Snail Gel



The mist spray  is quite trendy in Korea and has resulted in products that are sparkling. These products might not feel as fizzy or sparkling as you might expect but  contain the same natural and organic ingredients as many other Korean cosmetics. 61efyBdZ5XL._SX522_


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