The Cutest Korean Beauty Products


A nice gloss with a banana or green apple or a cherry shape, a eye base brightening or a whitening cream in a panda case, cute animals cases with hand cream or cute bunnies with solid perfume – this are some of the Korean products that you can find on our online shop.

This is the Korean beauty shopping experience!

Most of the beauty bloggers are saying that  all this products beside cute are actually really good products.


Everything in the most of the Korean beauty stores, from the mustache-shaped wrinkle-reducing patches to the scrub resembling Pop Art–worthy lips are adorable. And if the history of Korean beauty trends has proven anything, is that your vanity table is about to get a lot cuter, too.


For all of the forward-thinking makeup and skin care advancements , from stem cell facials to lengthening organic mascara, South Korea’s wave-making influence has become impossible to ignore. Famous for popularizing BB cream, sheet masks, and facial essences, the country has cemented its international audience: This summer alone, Lancôme openly credited the inspiration for one of its biggest launches to date, the Miracle Cushion Liquid Compact.


And if South Koreans take the subject seriously (this is, after all, the birthplace of the ten-step skin care routine and home to the world’s highest rate of plastic surgery per capita), their packing is judged by an entirely different rubric.

Turning over a banana-shaped lip gloss in your hands, or the panda dream lipstick and a cute Doraemon bb cream cushion case will surely be something that will make people around you ask you about the products.


Because Korean shoppers are super savvy about beauty products and they’re not loyal to a single brand, the korean cosmetic companies have to make something that really grabs your attention to stand out, because as Charlotte Cho says on her new book about Korean skincare  Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin –  “Cute Is Not Overrated” and  “If you’re going to have to look at something several times a day, it might as well make you smile.”


Of course, innovation is the true father of the doll-house-as-hand-cream phenomenon. With heavy investment in research and development, South Korean companies like Etude House, Skinfood, and PeriPera require as little as six months to take a product from conception to consumer.  This brands

and others are always thinking what will be the next trend and always make limited-edition packaging to get the attention of the shoppers.

Maybe this month, that we all go back to school or university you will buy some of this cute beauty products for the most charming products that will turn your powder room into a playroom—because above all, shouldn’t beauty be fun?

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