Korean natural soap for atopic skin, hair loss and others skin problems!

Combined Functionality Natural Mineral Oriental Medicine  – SINBITO SOAPS


Sinbito Soaps are functional oriental medicine mineral soaps.

They are made of 85 kinds of herbal extracts and fruit & seaweed extracts with natural

compound functional mineral as the main ingredient supplied by a mine in South Korea.

They have various soaps such as whitening soap, hair loss care soap

and soaps for children by combining the raw materials of mountain herbs with extract blending technology.

The ginseng diggers dip up the herbs manually to be kept in the 600 square meter storehouse

in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province and the ingredients are checked once in a month

to maintain the best product quality. Modern people are suffering from

atopic dermatitis, hair loss and skin troubles caused by pollutions and workload.

We are present you the possibility to take back your healthy and beautiful life through

this natural Korean products.

Modern people are neglecting their health and live in the environments of too much food,

various pollutants, and fast pace, over work, psychological pressure, stress, bad health, skin

trouble, and hair loss. To improve skin trouble and hair loss, Sinbito Soap created skin

trouble & hair loss improvement soaps and also a version for kids too.

Sinbito soaps are recommending to those who are interested in skin management, hair loss

and children’s skin and we hope a good result.

Witches are the main features of Sinbito Soaps?

– use special raw materials.

(Volcanic stone combined mineral + wild herbs + seaweeds + deep sea water)

– 93% of far-infrared radiation and 550/cc anion are emitted from volcanic stone mineral

– They are made by herb blending technology and special temperature control

through compression process without any chemical additives.

– develop “customized soaps for those who have rare skin troubles to improve the conditions.

And what is the effect of Sinbito Soaps?

generate : natural oriental medicine ingredients keep the skin clean like baby’s skin by

stimulating the ability to renew the skin and by removing dead skin.

– Wild herbs gently stabilize sensitive skin troubles.

prevents hair loss and makes the hair abundant when using continuously.

improvement effect: hair loss, dandruff, sticky hair, pimples, rash, Atopy allergy, itchy skin,

melanin pigmentation, red spots, speckles, waste removal, wrinkles, dead skin, freckle, and


– can be used for dermatitis, cut, and eczema.

– has excellent moisturizing ability.

– Good to use when bathing (maintains elasticity and smoothness) and shaving

(smooth and moist).

– has antibacterial function to keep good hygiene.

  1. Atopy (Eczema) Soaps

For Atopy(Skin Trouble)

  • Effects:
  • relaxes Atopic skin and itches,
  • removes dead skin, dandruff, and sebum
  • eliminates heavy metals, waste, blemish and pimples
  • cleansing effect on athlete’s foot, foot odor and make up
  • Boosts smooth, clean, elastic and white skin.

– Ingredient: 6 year old red ginseng, lingzhi and sanghwang mushrooms, lonicer aflower,

siegesbockia herb, wilfordi root, seaweeds, bong ginseng, angelica utilis makino,

honey, 45 kinds of natural mountain herb extracts and combined minerals.

Atopic skin natural care soap

       2. Hair Loss Prevention Soap

Hair loss natural soap
Hair Loss natural Soap SET
  • Effects :

– Hair root gets strong as it provides enough nutrition and moisture

– It prevents cuts, splits, and loss of hair.

After 3 – 7 days of using, hair lost stops, sticky and itchy troubles are removed and make the hair

root fresh, hygienic and healthy.

– Ingredients: 6 year old red ginseng, lingzhi and sanghwang and hericium erinaceum

mushrooms, green tea, cypress, siegesbockia herb, honey, 48 kinds’ extracts and

combined minerals.

hairloss soap

         Hair Loss Soap                             Wilfordi Root                                                      Red Ginseng                                 Houttuynia Cordata

hair loss soap

 3.Whitening, Anti-aging Soaps

Whitening Natural Soap

  • Effect :
  • Provides nutrition and moisture to prevent aging and gives elasticity to keep the skin

transparent and white.

  • Keeps elastic skin through anti-aging effect such as removing pimples, heavy metals, waste

and blemish.

  • Eliminates itchy, dead skin, dandruff and sebum.
  • Removes body odor and cleans make up.

Ingredients: 6 year old red ginseng, aloe, lingzhi mushroom, lonicer aflower, acanthopanax,

bluet, 30 kinds of herb extracts, combined mineral, silk amino acid, natural aroma,

tocopherol, collagen and hyaluronatic acid.



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