2017 Summer Korean beauty trends

That doesn’t mean you should skip this European season’s coolest makeup trends altogether — you just need to adapt it accordingly from wearable versions of the spring runway’s coolest colors and textures.

What’s more? Korean Cosmetics only used cruelty-free products, so you can feel twice as good about giving these looks a go. It’s important to be mindful of your products and do research on them before you buy them but luckily, we only provide Korean cosmetics products that are cruelty-free as this new brand MCC COSMETICS.

​2017 Summer's Korean Beauty Trends

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New trends on masks sheet in Korean Cosmetics

From cloth to gel-infused to peel-off, the sheet mask is one of South Korea’s most successful exports. The trend has changed the facial skin care market, with face masks now one of the most in demand products across price points.

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Korean natural soap for atopic skin, hair loss and others skin problems!

Combined Functionality Natural Mineral Oriental Medicine  – SINBITO SOAPS


Sinbito Soaps are functional oriental medicine mineral soaps.

They are made of 85 kinds of herbal extracts and fruit & seaweed extracts with natural

compound functional mineral as the main ingredient supplied by a mine in South Korea.

They have various soaps such as whitening soap, hair loss care soap

and soaps for children by combining the raw materials of mountain herbs with extract blending technology.

The ginseng diggers dip up the herbs manually to be kept in the 600 square meter storehouse

in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province and the ingredients are checked once in a month

to maintain the best product quality. Modern people are suffering from

atopic dermatitis, hair loss and skin troubles caused by pollutions and workload.

We are present you the possibility to take back your healthy and beautiful life through

this natural Korean products.

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