Korean brand MCC Cosmetics now in Romania!

Today will review some products from MCC Cosmetics a Korean Brand, which is actually the acronym for My Cherie Closet Cosmetics.

Jin Ye Sol is the brand ambassador for MCC Cosmetics and to be honest I actually have never heard of this actress before becoming MCC Cosmetics face.

Then I discovered that she actually played in some KDrama I already saw, like Monster with Kang Ji HWAN andSung Yuri playing the role of one of the Interns of DODO Group, as in the KDrama Birth of a Beauty with Han Ye Seul and Joo Sang Wook, as a member of the Sara family.

Anyway, “More Creative, More Complete” is the brand’s Philosophy, which encourages customers to go wild and express their style using MCC products.

MCC Cosmetics offers quality and professional makeup products with the philosophy that expresses own style creativity as well as beyond the trend. All their products are made in Korea with quality and affordable prices.

For those out there who are looking for gifts to give your female friends, I am sure that the receiver will be very happy with the products from MCC Cosmetics.

As a Korean beauty addict, you must check out their product already available in Europe.

Their cosmetics are Eco-Formulated and gentle to the skin.

Let us see how they work on me, shall we?

1. MCC Aqua Watery Foundation (40ml)

Just like its’ name, this foundation is watery but it also provides a full coverage on a possible uneven skin. As its using water base formula, we need to shake it 2 to 3 times before pumping out the product from the beautiful pump bottle. The foundation last quite well on the skin, still may appear a bit too heavy for the oily combination skin.

2. MCC Studio Light On Tint Lip Rouge


MCC Studio Light On Tint Lip Rouge it is a Must Have!

The color is pigmented and last for hours. Use the tip brush to gather and apply it onto our lips. Do not hesitate to try the #102 Pink Rush for the most beautiful pink lips.

3. Green tea products

Another feature that makes MCC Cosmetics interesting are the Green Tea products like their Green Tea mascara and Green Tea Pen Eyeliner, as well as the Green Tea Eye&Lip Remover. MCCAs you may know, green tea is a very good antioxidant so you should definitely have to try it to see the benefits of these products.

As I have mentioned earlier, their Lip Tints are some of their popular products and my, oh my, they are so pigmented. On the Korean treads beauty we found ourselves in that phase of using lip tints instead of lipsticks because we prefer a gradient lip look instead of bold ones. One of the problems about really long lasting lip tints is that they can get rather dry on the lips especially if you have dry lips, so you will have to keep retouch your lip makeup.

Not a problem with MCC STUDIO LIGHT ON TINT LIPSTICK #103 Kissing Rosewho is surprisingly moist and has such a nice shine because is a mixture of a lip tint plus a lip gloss and don’t let your lips dry.

You can try it as you go out for a whole day/ night and let us know how your MCC Cosmetics makeup resisted.

4.Perfect Finish Pore Pact

ThePerfect Finish Pore Pact give you that smooth skin you desire with just one brush!

Adding on the lip tint and blusher to give a natural flush your face is all ready to go out!

The Perfect Finish Pore Pact is amazing and equivalent to a Photoshop retouch that gives you a smooth clear complexion.

For a new Brand on the European market, you will be genuinely surprised and delighted with the products that MCC Cosmetics have.

If you are looking to try out their products, I totally recommend the MCC BAKING SHADOW #5 – Wine mix, the Perfect Finish Pore Pact, which will give you effortless touch up without getting cakey, and their Lip Tints.

Just get one of each and you will not regret it.

MCC Cosmetics range prices from 7 € to 20 €.

You can buy it here and here, here and here for now. Soon will be available in more places. Will keep you informed.