New trends on masks sheet in Korean Cosmetics

From cloth to gel-infused to peel-off, the sheet mask is one of South Korea’s most successful exports. The trend has changed the facial skin care market, with face masks now one of the most in demand products across price points.

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The Cutest Korean Beauty Products


A nice gloss with a banana or green apple or a cherry shape, a eye base brightening or a whitening cream in a panda case, cute animals cases with hand cream or cute bunnies with solid perfume – this are some of the Korean products that you can find on our online shop.

This is the Korean beauty shopping experience!

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Limited Edition Korean Makeup Products (Part 1)

As a makeup addict, sometimes we often buy many products that I don’t necessarily need purely because of how adorable the packaging is. With the recent release of the multiple special edition collaborations from different Korean makeup brands, our wallet will be a lot skinnier than before.

Check out the super cute collaborations down below!


Themed Makeup collaborations are widely used by beauty companies worldwide to make us fall in love hopelessly with their products (packaging). Targeting at our weak spot for everything cute and fanciful, their weapons include our favorite characters from childhood memories, to current messaging app and movies. Majority of them were launched exclusively in South Korea, causing worldwide jealousy and shortage of stocks. If they were to arrive in Europe, there will most likely be a queue!

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